Robert Tahar


Robert Tahar was Born into a Jewish family in French Tunesia (N. Africa). In 1958, when he was 9 years old, his family moved to Paris, France, where he grew up. Being from Tunesia, where everyone plays the drums, he has always been a drummer. At age 13 & 14, he was a constant visitor to the Louvre Museum — he fell in love with Van Gogh, Old Masters, Impressionists, but especially with Picasso.

In his late teens, Robert went to Asia and India for a year. Then Tahar embarked on sailboat expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula in the North Pole. He did his first painting, of a glacier, after visiting the Patagonia (near the South Pole) in Argentina. Robert then went on Scandanavian expeditions, dog sledding in Finland, Lapland, & Greenland. Then he went on Safari’s to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Tanzania. In 1979 he went to Thailand, then Szechuan Province and the Great Wall in China. In 1980 he went to Tibet, and did several treks in the Himalayas to Mt. Everest & Annaturna. Robert also lived in monasteries & ashrams with Tibetan monks and was one of the first few people to be allowed in the Forbidden City of Ladaka.

Robert Tahar is completely passionate about his art, he becomes mesmerized and goes into a trance-like state, painting round the clock until a canvas is finished. The “wave” and the convergence of 2 points are the essence of each canvas. He is a voracious reader of books on philosophy, Buddhism, Abstract art, futurism, theology, spirituality.