Shana Johnson - Painter


A local beauty queen from Palm Desert went from tragedy to triumph, when a near-death experience changed her life. Shana Johnson is truly an inspiration. Within the past year, she has created close to 100 stellar paintings. But the story of how she became an artist is just as inspirational and beautiful as the artwork itself.

23-year-old Shana Johnson creates beautiful masterpieces in her parent's garage, and is now being recognized as modern day Monet. Not only that, out of hundreds of young women, she won the title of Miss Greater Palm Springs in 2010. Shana went on to compete in the California U.S.A. Pageant. She thought more pageants would be in her future, until a traumatic car accident happened on the freeway. A motorcycle rider lost control and swirved towards Johnson.

     "It was the scariest moment of my life. It hit my jeep and that's when it all started," says Johnson.

Shana suffered a serious blow to the head. After her near-death experience, Johnson says her life morphed into something she never expected. An artist was born. Now, Johnson's colorful Pollock-like pieces are on display in art galleries in Orange County, Palm Springs, and even a sold painting in Dubai! She has also been approached by a company who is now using her art on accessories. It's an overnight success story, and this is just the beginning for Johnson. Shana Johnson is also the youngest artist in Rebecca Fine Art Gallery. But she blends in with worldwide established artists just as well. Johnson's artwork starts at one thousand dollars.

            "I am inspired by the beauty and colors of life. My art expresses how the colors of life reflect my true spirit. I have always been a sensitive soul towards my surroundings but when I paint I feel connected to a higher energy which is shown through my artwork."

- Shana Johnson