Christina De Musée

Christina De Musee's artworks shock and delight the art collector. Encouraging the viewer to dip their mind into the shadow world of the fantastical.
Pulling from her interests in the human condition with totally divergent themes of fashion, glamour, eroticism, and the neoclassical, De Musee pushes the visual boundaries, challenging people to question their own view of reality.
Unique among most artists in the fine art world, Christina De Musee work is immediately accessible to the new collector, yet mysterious enough to keep event the most cynical art aficionado intrigued by her themes.
Christina De Musees new photo-montages are born out of a love of surreal and unexpected psychological twists of life. Her themes, both disturbing and erotic, astound the viewer. A combination of futuristic aesthetics, as well as an exploration of ancient and mystical symbols.
Christina states, "I like funneling diverse subject matter into a collage format of disparate images that become an allegory that teases the mind. I love using references pulled from various media. I like to contrast the shadow side of sensuality, vanity, greed, and other vices. My artworks evolve into visually beautiful aesopian fables with thorns; both sumptuous and erotic parables. I start the process of creation with a worktable covered in a jumble of cutouts, from magazines, photos, and drawings. Somehow like a puzzle these thumbnail sketches aggregate into surprising configurations that I use to develop paintings at a later date. Everything from juicy "Glam", Hi-neon colors, to influences from medieval and classical references merge into these new creations that stimulate the viewer to determine their own interpretation".

Christina De Musée's works have been exhibited in fine art galleries, both nationally and internationally, and in museums like the Norton Simon Museum, the Long Beach Museum, and the Armond Hammer Museum, as well as collected by the Monteray Peninsula Museum.

Private collectors include Johnny Carson, Charley Sheen, Malcolm McDowell, Roland Jofee, Tommy Chong, Valerie Landsberg, Jeffrey Ullman , and Dinah Manoff. De Musee was the 1991 1st place recipient of the Armond Hammer Masters Award for Emerging Artists.

De Musée and her work has been featured in a Playboy Channel Video documentary, along with specials on CNN's the "Sonya Live Show". Channel 9 "Mid Morning L.A." as well as the TV movie of the week " Laguna Heat" and featured films by Wes Craven and Tom Selleck.

Printed articles include the Los Angeles Times, Beverly Hills Today, Orange Coast Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, The Artists Magazine, Designers West, Metro, The Aspen Times and more than 100 other magazines and newspapers.