Craig Zeigler

 Zeigler was born in 1965 and raised in Ontario California.  His family later moved to Palm Springs, Ca. where he attended Palm Springs High School.  After graduating from P.S.H.S., he answered an ad in the local newspaper for a position at Carmichael Designs, a plastic fabrication factory that specialized in custom Acrylic/Lucite furniture and Artwork.  In the late 80's (after being inspired by the unique materials he was working with), he began color laminating on thick Acrylic sheeting. He was greatly influenced by Vasa Mihich, an American artist who in the late 1970s created the "Acrylic Color Laminating" style.
After just 5 years, he became the Chief Fabricator, which enabled him to build on his knowledge in custom Acrylic Laminating and forming field.  After 10 years, Zeigler became Production manager and concentrated most of his time on the Custom furnishing end of the business. He was able to build the Carmichael Designs name and reputation into very prominate high end circles and design magazines in the Southern Ca. area.  In the year 2000, he was introduced into a process of mixing colored dyes with the glues.
At the time, only a handful of fabricators around the world were using this special process. This opened the door to market his custom pieces nationwide. After a few years, Zeigler decided to renew his love for the Custom Acrylic Art world and started producing a line of beautiful one-of-a-kind Sculptures
and Art Perfume Bottles (as well as continuing his Custom  furnishings). Because his pieces are custom, he is able to accept commissions and create any piece, in any size & color, that is desired.
Fine art of course has transcended the traditional mediums -- paintings (oil on canvas), and sculptures (marble, clay, wood), photography. print-making.  Whenever a new technology appears, with new materials & new technologies, innovative artists come forth to embrace the new materials.  And this is exactly what Zeigler has done!