Mary Ann Collins

As a native born “Angelina” (Los Angeles, CA), Mary Ann Collins has been influenced by the beauty, the diversity of the landscape, as well as the people of Southern California. Every aspect of life inspires her art, from a sunrise to the birth of a grandchild.

Her interest in creating art has been life long. What was once a hobby for many years grew into her passion. Even before her formal education she was experimenting with numerous mediums which included drawing, painting, printmaking, metals, fibers, woods and ceramics. She sold her work, but wanted to grow her talent by going back to school to learn and experiment with new concepts and techniques.

A return to school several years ago resulted in Mary Ann obtaining an Associate in Arts Degree in Studio Arts from El Camino College. She continued honing her skills and achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an Emphasis in Sculpture from CSU Long Beach. Sculpture, she found, had no limitations allowing her to use an inexhaustible spectrum of resources to produce pieces as minute as a fly to the size of a door opening.

Other education came from attending SMCC, ECCC, ISOMATA, PV Art Center and artist to artist training.

Mary Ann is inspired from her extensive travels around the world as well as her own life experiences. Other cultures, nature, people, the human body, various natural and/or man-made materials, and textures stimulate her creativity. She generates pieces in a variety of media in two and three dimensions. You will view examples of paintings, drawings, metal works, jewelry and, of course, the all encompassing sculpture.

Multi-media Sculpture, along with fiber art, ceramics, jewelry and metalsmithing comprise her three dimensional repertoire. She is also a talented two dimensional artist, primarily drawing, painting and photography. Her work has evolved from objects as small as pierced earrings, to life sized human clay sculptures and gigantic ruby red chocolate lips.

Her work has been hung in galleries and homes in numerous states including Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Oregon and Wyoming.




  • 2013 - CA101, Redondo Beach
  • 2013 - Jewelry Tasting, Harmony Works, Hollywood Riviera
  • 2012 - Palos Verdes Art Center Holiday Exhibition Inspired by the Muse, Palos Verdes
  • 2012 - Third Annual Manhattan Older Adults Art Show, Manhattan Beach
  • 2011 - Manhattan Beach City Hall Art Exhibition, Manhattan Beach
  • 2011 - Power of Art, RBAG, Redondo Beach
  • 2011 - De Pietro Gallery, Santa Ana
  • 2011 - Creative Arts Center’s Tenth Annual Exhibition, Manhattan Beach
  • 2010 - Energymuse, Torrance
  • 2010 - Planet Earth Eco Café - Ceramic Art Exhibition, Hermosa Beach
  • 2010 - Armstrong Social, Redondo Beach
  • 2010 - Power of Art, RBAG, Redondo Beach
  • 2009 - Beach Art Showcase, Manhattan Beach
  • 2009 - Walkstreet Social, Manhattan Beach
  • 2009 - Wall of Fame, Malaga Cove Plaza, Palos Verdes Estates
  • 2008 - Sashi’s Fine Art Exhibition, Manhattan Beach
  • 2008 - Metlox Music Series and The Local Artists, Manhattan Beach
  • 2007 - Artscene, Manhattan Beach
  • 2007 - MVG Education Foundation Art Exhibition, Manhattan Beach
  • 2007 - Electronic Art, Long Beach
  • 2007 - Manhattan Beach Revisited, Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Center
  • 2007 - Variables, Marilyn Werby Gallery, Long Beach
  • 2007 - Matter of Fact, Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Center
  • 2006 - In Case, Gallery Five, Long Beach
  • 2006 - Insights 2006, CSULB, University Art Museum
  • 2005 - Images of President Bush, Viento y Agua Gallery, Long Beach
  • 2004 - Black and White, Blue Butterfly, El Segundo
  • 2003 - Retrospective, My Manhattan Beach Studio
  • 2000 - Fine Art Show, Carlsbad/Oceanside
  • 1995 - Wall Art, Java Man, Hermosa Beach
  • Also:
    • Many years at the Manhattan Beach Home Town Fair
    • Hermosa Beach Art Festivals.
    • Numerous private shows in homes and individual businesses.