Robert Glover

Glover studied ceramics with Anthony H, Ivins, and painting with Doug McClellan at Chaffey College in 1954-6. From 1956-1960 he studied with Peter Voulkos and Helen Richter Watson at the Los Angeles County Art Institute, where he received his MFA in 1960, (now Otis College of Art and Design).

Glover retired after 39 years of teaching and as Full Professor at the Otis College of Art and Design in 2001. He briefly returned to teach a Color and Design course for the Spring of 2002.

Since April 2006 to the present time, Glover has been working at Silica Studios in Palm Springs, California. Using earthenware sculpture clays, the sculptural forms are constructed by slab, coil and pinch techniques. The surfaces are sometimes embellished with a variety of sprayed and splattered underglazes, layered with detailed brush designs of terra sigillata and burnished with a river stone achieving a smooth satin finish. Within the past few decades, two directions are simultaneously being pursued. Firstly, the "orbs" or cocoon-like forms draw attention to its hollow interior, by placing a small ceramic ball(s) inside to creating a rolling sound. Secondly, the tall totems or "monopeds" are about balancing on point, as the dancer, or quill poised to make base notations and test both visual balance and gravity. While this may seem an intellectual approach to creating sculpture , it is more important that intuitive thoughts prevail.



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