Steve Bein

Steve Bein was born in a small private hospital on Melrose near La Brea in Los Angeles, about 1/2 block from the famous PINKS Hot Dog Stand. After being automated out of a job of setting pins in a bowling alley as a teenager, he has worked as a painter & potter, represented by several West Los Angeles galleries.  He worked on a freighter from L.A. to Haifa Israel where he worked on a Kibbutz for 3 months while touring Israel. At that time, he changed from his college major of Engineering to Dentistry, chosing to make small bridges instead of large ones. He taught at USC school of Dentistry as a clinical Instructor for several years, was the President of the California Association for Preventive Dentistry & President of the historic Adventurers Club of Los Angeles among other positions.
Bein has been involved in travel and photography. He sailed in the western Carribean for a year on his own sailboat, has flown hang gliders, para gliders and single engine aircraft, been a licensed Coast Guard captain, 100 ton with sail endorsement.  His current interests are photographing the beautiful areas of the Colorado Plateau formations -- both the rarely seen and the popular areas. His unique techniques make the familiar into rare visions.
Dr. Bein has been involved in the arts for over 50 years. He has made creations as a potter, jeweler, gem cutter, painter and now prefers photography and his unique interpretation of landscapes and travel.  He is an award winning member of the North American Nature Photographers Association. His works have been featured in the award winning African Wildlife Foundation reports, published in Panoramic Photography, Popular Photography, many other publications while represented by the Corbis Agency. Currently his images are shown at the "Off The Wall Gallery" in Rawlins, Wyoming.  And now, through the encouragement of artist Joe Novak, Guest Curator for "Visually Speaking - Color & Light" he has been invited to exhibit in Rebecca Fine Art Gallery.