Steve Connolly

So how does a guy with a business restoring art and painting church ceilings become one of the most electrifying entertainers in Las Vegas and the most sought-after and accomplished Elvis stylist perhaps in the country? Equally fascinating is the question of how a guy steeped in the musical style of Led Zeppelin, who actually fronted one of the most successful East Coast heavy metal bands, has gone on to write music which captures all of the melodic integrity of the Americana movement while injecting a traditionalist country sound with rockabilly pizazz? Anyone who has ever seen Steve scribble a sketch or bought a print of one of his interpretive celebrity portraits can easily see him painting the basilica of east coast churches. But if you were one of the lucky ones to catch Steve's signature Elvis Entertainment show in Bally's Jubilee theatre in 1999/2000 ("Love Him Tender: The Spirit of the King")and his transform of the Blue Note Cabaret into a celebration of Elvis Presley's style and music (in the naughty musical comedy "Tease") or if you just recently saw him over the last four and a half years at the Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino main room you could still be asking how a guy from back East decides to impersonate the greatest performer of our time.

Over 4000 public performances, including shows at the MGM Grand, along with corporate engagements throughout Las Vegas, has seasoned Steve into a finely tuned performer. Steve was awarded “Best Elvis in Las Vegas” two years in a row by the Las Vegas Review Journal. His show has met with rave reviews from Las Vegas papers as well as the L.A. Times. These reviewers praised Steve’s ingenuity for including performances wherein Steve portrays Elvis performing today’s music. “Steve Connolly is a born showman”, wrote longtime Las Vegas entertainment writer Mike Weatherford. Las Vegas entertainment writer, Joe Delaney, not only recognized Steve’s ability to fully entertain an audience as a humorist, but also identified Steve as “perhaps the best of all the Elvis depicters”. Steve’s fan base includes well known musicians, Steven Tyler, Kenny Logins, Dennis Miller, Donald Trump and even President Clinton. Bobby Morris, Elvis’ conductor at The International, calls Steve, “The number one Elvis on the planet”.

Today, Steve is creating a new tribute to Elvis interpreting “The King” in the visual medium of fine art painting. When you see Steve perform at the Spa Resort and Casino, you will witness the amazing marriage of Steve’s two incredible tribute forms. His show, “Spirit of the King” is a mind blowing performance of Elvis’ music and singing while literally creating an original “Portrait of a King”. Steve Connelly delivers all of his talents at a spectacular level. You truly have to see it to believe it and to grasp this display of exceptional talent. Sadly, Elvis Presley is no longer available, but thanks to Steve Connolly, “the hardest working king in show business”, Elvis is still alive and kicking in spirit.