Zoe Ann Fischer

Born and raised in the topographically diverse environment of Los Angeles, California, Zoë Fischer began exploring the arts early, immersing herself in drawing and painting, an activity she particularly enjoyed doing outdoors. As her interest in the arts grew, Zoë began studying the violin and participating with her school orchestra, an endeavor that led to performing concerts at the Hollywood Bowl before the age of ten. What started as a child's innate sense of exploration, developed into an earnest desire to study art.

Zoë earned a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, majoring in both art and music. Within the Art Department, she pursued painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery, jewelry design, and weaving. Musically, she participated with the Roger Wagner Choir and concentrated on developing her abilities as a vocalist.

During her tenure at UCLA, Zoë received a Grammy nomination for the category of best album cover. The work, an abstract painting, appeared on the jazz album, "Extensions," by internationally acclaimed composer, Clare Fischer. A reproduction of Zoë's "Extensions" painting appears in William Claxton's and Hitoshi Namekata's West Coast Jazz: Artwork of Pacific Jazz Records published in 1993.

After college Zoë continued to paint and sing while she embarked on raising a family. After her divorce, as a means to support her family, she decided to combine her artistic ambitions with her keen business acumen, opening a boutique, Zoë Antiques, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Specializing in Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Zoë Antiques attracted a celebrity clientele and the interest of Vogue magazine, which devoted feature coverage of Zoë Antiques biannually in the magazine's Boutique section.

After eight years in the business, Zoë turned to a new challenge: selling real estate and buying, remodeling, and selling homes for her personal gain-an endeavor that proved very successful. Interested in working with livable space, Zoë created enhanced living environments, most especially master bedrooms and kitchens, which were designed to impart beauty and elegance, on the one hand, while maintaining optimum functionality on the other. In 2000 Zoë ranked among the top 6% of Prudential California Realty Company's producers.

In 2001 Zoë's life took a dramatic new turn; she moved to Palm Desert and began painting full time. Surrounded by the majestic mountains and sky of the desert, Zoë's new environment provided the perfect inspirational setting to reengage in plein air painting and landscape studies. Painting both outdoors and in her studio, Zoë currently finds herself exclusively captivated by working in oil on canvas.